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Unlocking Tanzania's Natural Treasures

Imbasa Tours & Safaris, an example of passion and purpose, opens the gateway to Tanzania’s awe-inspiring landscapes through an array of curated experiences.

Our mission goes beyond crafting ordinary journeys; we are dedicated to arranging extraordinary encounters with wildlife, nature, and culture, all while championing conservation and sustainable travel.


Discover Tanzania: Your Adventure Awaits!

Journey Possibilities

  1. Safaris: Immerse yourself in the heart of the wild as Imbasa Tours & Safaris offers meticulously designed safaris, tailored to both luxury seekers and the budget-conscious travelers. Traverse the untamed terrains, witness the intricate dance of life, and create lasting memories.
  2. Mountaineering Adventures: For those yearning for ultimate adventures, we invite you to ascend Tanzania’s iconic peaks. Whether you choose the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro or other breathtaking summits, the challenge and the beauty will leave an indelible mark on your heart.
  3. Beach Vacations: Balancing adventure with relaxation, our beach vacations unveil Tanzania’s serene coastline. Bask in the sun, indulge in tranquil moments, and let the rhythmic waves narrate tales of a land where nature and leisure.

The Founder's Dream

Imbasa Tours & Safaris was born out of a deep love and respect for Tanzania. The owners and employees share a genuine passion for protecting the country’s wildlife and natural treasures. Their dedication extends to sharing these wonders with the world, fostering a connection between global travelers and Tanzania’s unique environment.


  1. Conservation Commitment: Imbasa Tours & Safaris is committed to preserving Tanzania’s wildlife and Through responsible tourism practices, the company aims to leave a positive impact on the environment.
  2. Global Sharing: Imbasa Tours and Safaris is strongly committed to sharing Tanzania’s natural beauty globally. Through tailored tours, the company educates travelers about the country’s unique ecosystem, fostering appreciation and understanding. This dedication not only offers immersive experiences but also contributes to sustainable tourism and environmental
  3. Quality and Care: Imbasa Tours & Safaris prioritizes delivering high-quality experiences that cater to diverse preferences, offering both luxurious and budget-friendly options. The emphasis is on ensuring comfort, safety, and a deep connection with the

Love from our Travelers

"Our tour with Imbasa was just fantastic. We learnt so much about Dar Es Salaam history, culture and food, and of course tasted some amazing dishes along the way...”
Rachel L. Barcelona, June 2023
"We were a large group of people and had a great tour with Godwin, he was very accommodating and friendly, made sure we had everything.”
Lauren S. Bangkok, June 2023
"It was one of the best decisions to book with Imbasa. They took me through Tanzania, we tasted amazing food and coffee. We had such a good time together..."
Jeanne A. Istanbul, June 2023

Our Vision & Mission

OUR VISION: Leading Tanzanian Tourism with Excellence

Our vision is to set the benchmark for touristic services in Tanzania by continuously elevating our offerings, ensuring unwavering customer satisfaction, and driving innovation.

Our goal is to stand to be Tour Operator, defined by exceptional excellence and commendable commitment to community, environment, social responsibility.

OUR MISSION: Elevating Experiences, Creating Value

Our mission is rooted in an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to consistently delivering professional solutions and adding value to every service we offer, surpassing our clients’ expectations.

Our goal is to create meaningful value and make a lasting impact, underpinned by our steadfast support for sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Elevating Service Beyond Expectations

Our strategic objective is founded on the belief that exceptional service goes beyond competitive pricing. It’s an unwavering commitment to intricate details that elevates a good experience to an extraordinary one. We’re not simply in the business of selling travel packages; our focus is on comprehending your unique needs. We aim to craft tailor-made travel solutions that align precisely with your requirements. By enquiring into your needs and preferences, we curate a solution that is exclusively designed to seamlessly fit your journey.

Our Range of Services

We offer a diverse range of travel services and experiences, showcasing our capability to provide comprehensive travel solutions. Here’s a more detailed overview of the services you provide:

  1. Wildlife Safaris: we specialize in organizing wildlife safaris within Tanzania and other African destinations. This offers travelers the opportunity to witness diverse wildlife in their natural habitats, contributing to an unforgettable
  2. Safaris, Mountain Trekking, and Beach Planning: Our services include safaris, mountain trekking (such as Mount Kilimanjaro), and planning trips to Zanzibar
  3. Inbound and Outbound Travel: We caters to both inbound and outbound travel, ensuring that clients from around the world can experience our diverse range of travel offerings.
  4. Lodge Safaris / Private Camping Safaris: We offer both lodge safaris, providing comfortable accommodations, and private camping safaris, which offer a more immersive and adventurous
  5. Tailor-Made Packages: We tailor-make packages based on individual needs and interests ensures that travelers receive customized experiences that align with their
  6. Wide Range of Experiences: We covers a broad spectrum of experiences, including wildlife safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro treks, Zanzibar beach holidays, Maasai cultural tours, wildebeest migration safaris, and hot air balloon safaris. This variety caters to a wide range of traveler
  7. Ground Transportation and Airport Transfers: We offer ground transportation services, including airport transfers, to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel for our
  8. Hotel Bookings: We handle hotel bookings, both locally and internationally, streamlining the travel planning process for our
  9. Corporate, Student, and Group Travel: Our services cater to a variety of travel purposes, including corporate travel, student trips, and group travel.

Local Expertise, Global Adventure.

Private Guides Safaris

Imbasa Tours and Safaris offers a wonderful array of experiences to explore the beauty and diversity of Tanzania. The opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion indeed appealing. From rainforest walks to relaxing in natural hot springs, visiting national parks, witnessing the wildebeest migration, embarking on walking safaris, engaging with the Maasai culture, having romantic getaways, and enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania truly offers a rich and memorable travel experience.

Tanzania an ideal destination for a wide range of travelers, from nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers to those looking for a more relaxed and cultural experience.

Before embarking on any travel plans, it’s important for travelers to do their research and ensure they’re well-prepared for their journey. Checking travel advisories, understanding visa requirements, and taking health precautions are all essential steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Overall, there is an amazing value and extraordinary experiences awaiting travelers in Tanzania, making it a desirable destination for those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty.

Group Travel

Imbasa Tours and Safaris is a well-established and experienced company in organizing specialized group travel services. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organizing successful group trips, vehicles and experienced drivers/guides to handle group safaris. As always, we prioritize customer satisfaction and are dedicated to tailoring each trip to meet the unique needs and interests of a group.

Our diverse range of offerings, accommodate various types of groups such as birdwatchers, adventure enthusiasts, students, senior citizens, community service groups, families, and leisure travelers. We create customized experiences for every type of travelers. By providing a dedicated tour guide/director for each group, we ensure that our clients receive personalized attention and unforgettable experiences.

Collaboration with our clients and involvement in every aspect of the trip until their satisfaction is among our strong selling points. We reassure potential customers that their needs will be met and exceeded. Overall, history, expertise, and dedication to personalized service make Imbasa Tours and Safaris a desirable choice for anyone seeking a memorable group travel